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To Gain Weight

Survival Mechanism

Mind Power


Acids the Forgotten Food Group.

Apple Cider Vinegar The Fat Dissolver

Metabolism Raisers


Body Detox and Colon Cleanse


More Shapely Legs

Trimmer Waistline

Tummy Mover

Bottom Shaper


Body Brushing

Life Stages

Foods That Help You Lose Weight


Things to avoid

Secret Pickled Onions

Guilt Free Potato Salad

Yugo Slaw

Secret Plum Sauce

Fabulously Fantastic Fish

Quick Easy Simple Curries

Eat Breakfast

Eat Fresh

Grow Your Own

A Word From The Author

Too Simple For Words, Summary


Fore Word

I could write a big thick book, with so much information, that it will confuse and baffle you, and make it sound all too hard and complicated, but I have not, instead, I have put a huge amount of work and effort into keeping it as short, simple and uncomplicated as possible.

The main reason for this is so that you will read the whole book in one sitting, and go back to it and refer to it again and again for the lists of foods that make you lose weight and the recipes.

With the recipes, it is important that you try each one of them and include them regularly until you reach your desired weight.

I needed to it to be as simple as possible so you will try the extremely simple and easy concepts that you can see, will, actually make you lose weight and keep it off forever.

By the time you have read this little book, you will feel empowered with the most important knowledge needed to maintain your weight, forever, without the dieting , starving, exercise, time and effort.

This is perfect for putting your partner on a "diet" without them even knowing it till they have lost weight, as all you need to do is ADD the right things to re-balance the body.

Every food mentioned in this book is very commonly available at every supermarket.

Something very unique about my book,  is I not only tell you in the simplest and easiest ways how to lose weight,  but I also tell you how to gain weight, and thats very important, so as you know how and why you put weight on, so you can be sure you will never make the same mistakes again.

By fully understanding weight gain,  you will more fully understand exactly how to lose weight and keep it off.



Free from dieting

Free from “diet” foods

Free from restrictions

Free from calorie counting

Free from expensive shakes, pills or potions

Free from having your life controlled by what you can or cant eat

Free from any on going costs

Free from effort

Free from time devoted to dieting

Trying to lose weight should not control your life.

This is the ultimate no diet, no effort no time, way to lose weight, and keep it off forever, as you will be able to control and regulate your weight yourself, without anyone helping you at all, in this book you will learn the simple basics to be able to correct whatever weight problem you may have, its so easy and simple in this  most natural and effective way.


The simple basics to reduce weight are, lower the cholesterol, speed up the metabolism, and adequately nourish the body and feed it regularly so it does not go into storage mode and store fats you don't want.

To do this effectively you need to understand how the body’s natural, automatic, survival mechanism works.

Cutting out all the fats in your diet may temporarily reduce your weight slowly, but it is only temporary. It will leave you feeling lacking in energy, tired, lethargic , unfulfilled, and very often leads to a nutrient deficiency,  which will lead to ill health, diseases and cancer, as I believe all diseases are caused by toxins or nutrient deficiencies.

I am also of the belief that one of the causes of over weightness and obesity is a nutrient deficiency,  when the body is not functioning properly and cant actually absorb nutrients.

Human nature seems to be that as soon as most people have lost weight, they revert back to their usual eating habits, and put back on just as much or more weight than before they dieted.

When most people are “on a diet” they are always feeling “ deprived “ “missing out “ on what they want or crave for, this makes them feel unhappy, discontented, cranky, depressed and then they usually cheat on their diet , thus making themselves feel guilty and feeling even more depressed.

Being on any “ DIET “ makes a person feel like it is controlling their lives, eating food becomes an unpleasant experience, full of restrictions and no no’s.

You need to eat every day to live, so it should be a pleasant or enjoyable experience, not something that is an unpleasant chore.

Forget everything you have ever been told about “ weight loss diets” because the weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar industry that relies or plans on repeat business, so they deliberately mislead you, and therefore don’t tell you the real whole truth and make it sound, or look so hard and complicated, that you can not do it without their help, but its not really, its far far more simple and easy than you can imagine.

To fully understand it, you need to go right back to the simplest of basics, there is nothing new, most of this information you probably already know, but have never put it together in such a pure, simple, easy to use and understand form.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it ? Your probably thinking “ if only it was that simple and easy”, well, it is. Extremely simple, and so easy.


There is no need to count calories, no rations where everything is weighed and measured, no missing out on that cake or chocolate when everyone else is having it, because all you have to do is re-balance it and add what you need to add to counteract it.

You don't have to counteract it immediately, anytime within a few days to a week just ADD the things you will need to add to make up for over indulging in what you should not be over indulging in.




This book is short quick and very easy to read in a large typeset, to make it easier to read, I have also put  a huge amount of effort into keeping it small and simple, so you will actually read the whole book, and really get the full benefit from it. 


I am not here JUST to sell books,  I genuinely want to help people to be healthier and happier,  in the simplest and easiest ways possible.

SO . . . . . . if you genuinely cant afford the $10 for my book in ebook / pdf format, then ou can either phone me or send me an email, asking for it, and I will send it to you for free,  and you can pay me later,  when you have lost the weight, and proved to yourself just how much money you can save by using my simple methods of eating more, and what you want, and just including the foods I tell you about in my book that MAKE you lose weight.


Back cover of book 








To prevent your body from keeping or

 adding storage bulk, you need to make

 sure you don’t go hungry for too long, and

 you are getting  plenty of nutrition from

 a wide range of foods


By adding these things you don’t need to

 stop eating your favorite foods, in fact,

 you really shouldn’t totally change your

 eating habits just to lose weight, because

 everyone seems to revert back to their

 normal eating habits once they have lost

 weight, therefore, they put it all back on,

 plus more



ADDS the things  you need to balance it out.


There is no weighing, measuring or rations, and best of all, there is no denial of eating what your body is craving, you can have that cake, chocolate or fatty greasy sausages you want, but you must balance it out by making sure you also have spices and acids to counteract it.


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Breast cancer prevention

Some time ago, I attended a Breast Cancer Awareness seminar and I asked why the most common area for Breast Cancer was near the armpit.

My question could not be answered at that time.


This e-mail was just sent to me, and I find it interesting that my question has been answered.


I challenge you all to rethink your every day use of a product that could ultimately lead to a terminal illness.


As of today, I will change my use.


I showed it to another friend going through chemotherapy & she said she learned this fact in a support group recently.

The leading cause of breast cancer is the use of antiperspirant.

*What ???* *Yes,* *ANTI-PERSPIRANT*.

Most of the products out there are an antiperspirant /deodorant combination, so go home and check Deodorant is fine, antiperspirant is not!

Here's why the human body has a few areas that it uses to purge toxins ; behind the knees, behind the ears, groin area, and armpits.

The toxins are purged in the form of perspiration.

Antiperspirant, as the name clearly indicates, prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging toxins from below the armpits.

These toxins do not just magically disappear. Instead, the body deposits them in the lymph nodes below the arms since it cannot sweat them out.

Nearly all breast cancer tumors occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area. This is precisely where the lymph nodes are located.

Additionally, men are less likely (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by antiperspirant usage because most of the antiperspirant product is caught in their hair and is not directly applied to the skin.

Women who apply antiperspirant right after shaving increase the risk further because shaving causes almost imperceptible nicks in the skin which give the chemicals entrance into the body from the armpit area.


Courtesy of Myra from Facets


I also firmly believe that antiperspirants cause Alzheimer's and dementia due to the amount of aluminum in them, that once absorbed the body cant dispose of it and it stays trapped in the brain.

If you would not eat it, do not put it on your body !


Notes for next book   FREE HEALTH CURES

Flaxseed oil high omega 3 fatty acids


linseed oil


cold pressing preserves nutrients




A small spoon of apple cider vinegar just before a meal will correct the PH balance in mouth and body so you actually absorb the nutrients better.


Chewing food properly and longer will also help to digest food better as the body creates a chemical within the saliva that helps to digest food and extract nutrients.


I recently saw a few current affairs and news shows about irradiation of foods imported into Australia. In one story, it is done to oranges to destroy all pests, diseases and insects, but this treatment also destroys all the vitamin content too, so during the processing of orange juice, vitamin C must be added artificially.


There was also another story about imported pet foods that were causing very serious illness, disease and death in pets, from eating pet food that had been irradiated too, and it was left with almost no nutritional value after this treatment. Beloved pets were dying from all sorts of illnesses like paralysis, caused entirely by extreme nutrient deficiencies.


This latest research backs my theory that cooking food in the microwave could also be destroying the vitamin and nutrients.


When speaking with highly learned, experienced and qualified naturopaths, bio-chemists, nutritionist's, dietitians, and scientists, they all say that they personally wont ever use a microwave and it is not recommended or good to ever use a microwave as it is radiation, and it does have a bad affect on the food as it destroys nutrition.


If it does strip the food of nutrients, and most imported foods are also irradiated, then it is no wonder people are increasing becoming more over weight or obese, when you understand the way the body's natural inbuilt survival mechanism works, with having to "store" more bulk to be able to access the nutrients from.


This is also why so many people suffer from cancer, illness and disease, because the body is suffering from nutrient deficiencies, so there fore there is no immunity to fight anything off, or protect yourself from illness.


Latest research into artificial food colorings has also shown quite clearly just how toxic some are to our bodies long term, they are causing serious health problems in children, like ADHD.


I have always firmly believed that food that is "just picked" and eaten immediately have something like an enzyme, in it that is vital for the re-generation of the cells in the body, while preventing cancer, illness, disease, as well as slowing down the aging processes.


I have also always firmly believed that the longer it is since a food has been harvested, as it ages the less nutrition it has.


Then think about boiling vegetables that are not very fresh to start with, then you tip the water down the sink, how much goodness is really left ? even more so in my personal opinion if you cook it in the microwave, what are you ending up with ? bulk with almost no nutritional value at all.


Now think about how you body reacts to this . . . . bulk storage, and prone to health problems due to nutrient deficiencies.




In my NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS book I talk about good fats and bad fats,

The way I explain it simply is good fats are natural fats, bad fats are processed fats.

I recently saw a current affair investigation and results on the fat issue.

They put in a much more comples and confusing way, but they were investigating the TRANS FATS, they are the ones that are banned in most countries other than Australia, and are used in most Australian processed foods.

Trans Fats have been proven beyond doubt to be highly toxic over a period of time, causing serious health problems, ADHD, illness, disease and cancers.

The difference between thses fats and what I call "natural " fats is that all trans fats are heated to extremely high temperatures, then they go through a number of processes where as the structure of the product is changed and hydrogenated so it is in a more solid form and things are added to make it a desirable color, smell and taste. So, in the end what you have is not really a food product, but more a complex chemical composition.

Natural fats are animal fats or any oil that is raw, natural and cold pressed, nothing is added or taken away, its just pure, and good for you, because without enough good fats we suffer from nutrient deficiencies, immune deficiencies and get health problems like alzhimers and dementia.

To put it straight and clear, natural raw fats and oils keep you healthy, protect you from cancer and illness, highly processed complex chemical fats and oils make you sick and fat.



Did you know that before chocolate and processed sugars and high sugar drinks there was no such thing as obesity, and there was not the  problem with almost epidemic proportions of people with diabetes ?



In Austraila before the introduction of fast food chicken everywhere there was nowhere near the amount of young girls with very large breasts, hips and thighs as there is now.

Younger girls are begining puberty much earlier, and I am hearing of more and more girls under the age of 7 begining their periods and developing breasts.

Breast cancer in women is starting at a much younger age in women than it used to, and far more common than ever before. 

Austraila also has almost epidemic proportions of young men aged 14 to 17 developing breasts, and a far higher proportion of older men with prostrate cancer.

There also seems to be a marked increase in infertility in both men and women,  this could be due to either chicken or the pill prescribed to women in extremely high proportion since the 1960's.






Where does the weight go ?

When you lose weight where do you think it goes ?

Have you ever thought about what actually happens to the fat ?

It does not evaporate into thin air and it does not drop off as we walk along.

No matter how much we sweat, we only lose a few ounces, not kilo's, and what we lose is water anyway.

By going right back to simple basics,  think about how the fat got there,  it went in one end, and whatever the body does not use comes out the other, so to really get rid of the fat, there is only one way to get rid of it,  it has to come out the other end.

So . . . . to get rid of fat you need to break it down and dissolve it, and dispose of it.

By adding the foods I talk about in my book,  you will learn which foods break down the fats in the body and the blood, so the digestive system can dispose it.

By doing the detox you will get rid of years of built up heavy fats and toxins lining your intestine walls, that makes you feel tired, lethargic and prone to illness.

Once you have done this simple easy detox,  you will notice a marked increase your levels of energy and vitality.


For a complete guarantee of successful PERMANENT weight loss

Eat breakfast, make it the biggest meal of day, snack between meals, don't go hungry, medium size lunch, unless you skipped breakfast, then you should have a larger lunch, make dinner the smallest meal of day.


Start with detox / colon cleanse in book, so you lose 3 kg in 3 days.

Must include metabolism raisers, fat dissolving acid foods and foods that take the weight off.

Try to have some "just picked" foods regularly, make each one of the 6 recipes in book

get items on shopping list

apple cider vinegar [vital]

ruby red grapefruit juice




"think" thinner, tell yourself repeatedly that you are losing weight

Make sure your getting enough nutritious foods, and DON"T eat diet foods

substitute pineapple juice / ruby red grapefruit juice / tomato juice [these drinks still have sugars but not as much] instead of coke or high sugar drinks, and have a large glass of icy cold water before a meal.

Try to avoid anything that is processed. Try to eat "just picked" fresh food as much as possible.

Must not totally change eating habits suddenly just to lose weight, as you wont keep it up to keep weight off, make gradual changes. Doing it this way, and following my simple little book, you will not only lose weight, but you will keep it off forever.